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Dear Friends,
I would like to share with you photos that I took during the championships,because I took over 700 pictures, I will do my best to upload a couple hundred everyday, and I believe I will have then all up by the end of May. With the kind of lighting that there was, as everyone saw, there might not be any better future pictures if nothing changes with the lighting. During the processing of the pictures, prints are done, and if you would like to, you may buy the prints, from 4x6 to 20 x 30 inches and even larger. Also, if the photos are to be published anywhere and in any format they must be signed: MALYSZPHOTO.COM . If you have any questions, please feel free to contact me by email. I welcome you to visit and comment in my guestbook. I encourage everyone who visits the gallery to write in my guestbook, and vote on the best picture. For everyone who takes part there will be a lottery and the winner will recieve a free 20 x 30 " print of a picture of their choice from my gallery. The lottery and announcement of the winner will take place June 1, 2010.
Special thanks to the Public Relations Manager of Team Handball USA, Lauren Harrington,
lauren@usateamhandball.​org who also this year enabled me to have the honor to take the pictures during the championships.
Thank you for visiting the gallery.
Jerzy Malysz

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Guestbook for 2010 USA Team Handball National Man's Elite
Nice shooting... # 192 looks great!, I really like your low point of view.
Wojtek Słoneczny(non-registered)
Wow! Zdecydowanie zabawniejszy "balet" na parkiecie... :) Tak trzymać! ;)
Myślę że na tym nie koniec, jest tam jeszcze kilka które zasługują na wyróżnienie ;-), moi faworyci to tryptyk
308-310 oraz 291 i 292 :-).
Nastąpiło małe edit - za co Cię przepraszam W.W.Słoneczny, zdjęcie 101 ma teraz numerek 95.
Dziękuję za odwiedziny i komentarz .
W.W. Słoneczny(non-registered)
jesli wolno mi wyrazić swoje zdanie, to tym razem będzie "na wesoło" ;) , bo wpadły mi w oko te z kategorii "najzabawniejsze" - choćby 27,37 czy 54, ale "naj" jest 101 ! ;) Prawda?
Pozdrawiam :)
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